We are a week away from starting to formally pilot our new applicant tracking system so we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about what we’ve been up these last few months.

Like candidates who are applying to permanent civil service positions, we too had to pass several critical exams, and so far it appears as though we have passed each successfully though there are of course more to come.

Testing is a critical step in any software development or implementation project. System testing comes in several flavors from basic functional tests, user acceptance tests…

It is with great excitement that we are publishing this update on the blog. Since we last posted, we have been working through contract negotiations, getting the different teams and resources in place, and for the last three months starting on the implementation of the new applicant tracking system solution! And of course all of this has happened remotely (with many kiddos on Zoom calls at all hours of the day) as, like all of you, we have been adapting and adjusting to the realities of this new Covid era.

We have really enjoyed the experience thus far partnering with…

While our team is working through contract negotiations and preparing for the implementation of an applicant tracking system solution, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past two years and hear from you on ways we can improve.

As many of you know, our latest RFP was the first of a series of RFPs the Department of Human Resources intends on publishing to improve and support the City’s hiring and human resources needs.

It is our goal as a team to constantly be learning from our work and pushing ourselves to improve. …

After receiving six responses to our May 2019 Request for Proposals, we are thrilled to announce that we have issued an Intent to Award to SmartRecruiters!

Source: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/

Here is how the procurement process played out:

  • May 15th: Our team published an RFP for a cloud-based applicant tracking system solution
  • June 5th: We hosted a pre-proposal conference to provide an overview of our project and answer questions (we wrote about it here)
  • July 3rd: Responses were due. We received six responses
  • July 11th — August 20th: Evaluation panel rated written submissions
  • September 10th — 17th: Based on the written evaluation, the five highest-scoring vendors were invited to interview during this…

The Hiring Modernization Project is launching a series of interviews with some of the key members of its steering committee to introduce various entities that play a large role in supporting the merit-based hiring process and share their desired outcomes for the project.

We begin this series with Sandra Eng, Deputy Director for the Civil Service Commission.

What is the role of the Civil Service Commission and its staff?

The Civil Service Commission is made up of six staff members and five commissioners. Commissioners make decisions on appeals and oversee the merit-system. Our staff members play a huge part in supporting the merit-system by ensuring that any idea or solution (e.g., rule…

Since publishing the RFP for an Applicant Tracking System Solution in May, our team has been helping our contracts division with advancing the procurement process as much as we can (as some of you may know, there are clear delineation between what our project team can and cannot do). Our rating panel has also been instrumental and very busy with reviewing responses and getting ready to host interviews.

While the procurement process continues, and is scheduled to conclude at the end of September, we will be posting a series of interviews we have conducted with key stakeholders across the City. These interviews will cover various perspectives on the merit-based hiring process and the Hiring Modernization Project.

We look forward to having the opportunity to share these with you, as well as providing a more in-depth update once we have selected a vendor!

-Anne Marie Monroe

The “certification” (or “cert”) and “referral” processes are very unique to government hiring and a key component of what the City and County of San Francisco hopes to automate in the future. We know that to understand the intricacies of this process takes time and experience. Although we have documented the processes in detail in our RFP (Section 11. Background on Unique Government Hiring Processes), we thought it might also be helpful to explain this with some drawings.

First, let’s start with some terms:

Now let’s say two departments got approval for some clerk positions at the beginning of the…

On June 5th, our team held a Pre-Proposal Conference to provide an overview of the project, submission requirements and answer any questions from the vendor community.

We were thrilled to have over 20 vendors sign up to join us in-person as well as remotely. Our team will still be answering questions until June 14th (at 2pm PT), but we really enjoyed having the opportunity to answer some great questions face-to-face. Thank you for taking the time to connect with us!

Who signed up to attend:

  • 50skills Inc.
  • Accenture
  • Agilyx Solutions
  • AspireHR
  • Avature LLC
  • CherryRoad Technologies
  • Edge Networks Pvt Limited
  • Global Touchpoints, Inc.
  • GovernmentJobs.com dba NEOGOV

After a lengthy review process, we are thrilled to announce that the City and County of San Francisco’s Request for Proposals (RFP) for an applicant tracking system solution has been published! For those of you who have been following this project and blog, you know that this RFP is the product of nearly 2 years’ worth of research to improve government hiring and help the City move towards a world where candidates, hiring managers, and HR professionals can have access to a more modern suite of HR tools (and a better user experience).

View RFP highlights at www.sfhiring.com

Where to find the RFP

  • Highlights of the RFP and project can…

As Monique mentioned in our last post, the targeted publish date for our RFP was end of February, so you may be asking where things currently stand. Well, we are still in the process of getting a variety of final approvals in order to move forward with the publication of the RFP.

This is the project team’s first time publishing an RFP for the City and County of San Francisco and the process has been very educational! Though we acknowledged it was an aggressive timeline, we thought we could complete the RFP and get it out to market in two…

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